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Woman meets homeless man outside of the supermarket and decides to start a family with him
A.J. Gibson

The first time Jasmine Grogan met the love of her life he was standing outside of a grocery store.

She offered the homeless man some money, but he refused it.

On her way out of the grocery store, he offered to help her carry her grocery bags.

Now they are a couple with two children. That’s what the TikTok and OnlyFans stars claim on social media.

Grogan says she and Macauley Murchie had an instant connection.

The two ended up spending some time together after she accepted his help with groceries.

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“I asked if he wanted me to get him something to eat. He was embarrassed but he said yes and we went for some dinner. We had a long talk about his life. I went and bought him a little phone so we could keep in contact, there was something different about him,” she said, according to MSN. “I got him a hotel and I went home. We kept in contact. I couldn’t stop thinking about him.”

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They both agreed that they couldn’t get each other off of their minds.

The two continued to talk and had lunch soon thereafter.

“I got him some new clothes and told him he could stay the night, but he ended up staying a lot longer than one night. We instantly fell in love. I knew he was the one for me. He was so nice,” Grogan explains.

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“We went on multiple dates, eventually he shaved his beard, got new teeth and got a really good job. We’ve never been apart since.”

The two started seriously dating after that and ended up having a child.

Edinburgh Live reports that the couple eventually married and now have two kids, however, it seems on TikTok that they are still engaged.

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“I love your story this is proof that you can’t judge a book by its cover. You opened that book and saw good, in the book, and it takes a real woman and the God in you to not see the worse but see the good. God bless you both,” wrote one of Grogan’s Instagram fans.

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But Grogan says that Murchie’s life isn’t the only one that improved as a result of their union.

“We are so glad our paths crossed and believe everything happens for a reason, he made my life so much better and I couldn’t imagine doing it without him now,” she said.

And she doesn’t have to, now that they have two kids together.

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“Having children really does change your life for the better. That smiles is enough to make me forget about all my problems,” said Grogan who credits her firstborn with her being where she is today.

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The two have been recently spending time decorating their new house. And regularly post on the TikTok accounts and appear to also be active together on OnlyFans.

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