Observant boy spots image in Toblerone’s logo that’s been hiding in plain sight for years
How have I not noticed this until now? 🍫🤯
Randy Aragon

It seems like loving a good mystery is something that is coded in the DNA of most human beings.

That’s exactly why finding a hidden image in a popular logo can make for such a fun discovery.

That’s what happened when this young kid found something hidden in the logo of a popular candy bar, that most people have been missing for years.

Just wait until you see it!

This 9-year-old took a closer look at the Toblerone bar logo, then stunned his mother by pointing out a hidden logo that she had been missing for years

When Stephanie gave her then 9-year-old son a Toblerone candy bar for the first time, she never imagined he would blow her mind with something that she had failed to see for her entire life.

She Tweeted:

“My son had his first Toblerone today. ‘What’s the bear for’? Me: ‘what bear’? I was today years old when I found out there was a bear in the Toblerone logo.”

That’s right. Hiding in plain sight.

So, what is it? A bear hiding within the mountain itself.

I confess, I too failed to see the now-obvious bear that is cleverly etched into the mountain on the logo.

If you did too, you’re probably wondering how you missed something that was right in front of your face? Don’t be too hard on yourself, it’s just one of those things.

Stephanie - Twitter
Stephanie - Twitter

So why the bear?

Turns out it’s not as random as you may think, in fact, it’s not random at all.

I mean bears do live in mountains, but there is a very specific reason that Toblerone went with a bear as their hidden image, and it’s not that.

MargSkogland - Pixabay
MargSkogland - Pixabay

A deeper meaning

Toblerone chose the bear in the mountain logo because of where it is made, Bern, Switzerland.

Martin Abegglen - Flickr
Martin Abegglen - Flickr

It’s what they’re known for.

Bern, well-known as the capital of Switzerland, is actually known as the ‘City of Bears’.

Stephanie - Twitter
Stephanie - Twitter

If you don’t believe it, just go to their website and it’s the first thing you’ll see.

Twitter user @anniepfiefer even tweeted the legend behind the name.

A lesson in Bern history

“Bern is the city of bears. Legend has it that it was the first animal hunted by the city founders in 1191.”

As if our minds weren’t blown enough, another Twitter user pointed out yet another secret in the logo of the Toblerone candy bar

Twitter user @leesteffen tweeted something else you might not have seen, I know I didn’t!

Another hidden logo

It’s the name of the city the delicious chocolate is made in, Bern, hidden right in the name Toblerone.

It makes you wonder, do other companies have hidden images in their logos?

The fun doesn’t stop there.

Tons of companies have hidden pictures in their logos. Yep, many companies have hidden images and messages in their logos that seem so obvious after you find them.

@_MissSith - Twitter
@_MissSith - Twitter

When you’re not looking for them, however, they’re easy to miss. One example is the 31 that’s written in pink on the Baskin Robbins logo.


How about two people who appear to be eating a bowl of salsa hidden in the Tostitos logo?

To see more hidden images in company logos, check out this article!

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By Randy Aragon
Randy Aragon is a contributor at SBLY Media.