Is there anything new under the sun? A quiz for Baby Boomers
They say classic things remain forever.
Jenà Lowe

They say that classic things never end, and everything repeats itself through generations.

Test this theory for yourself with the Baby Boomer quiz below!

Then share this bit of fun and nostalgia with the people you know.

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A Boomer’s parents most likely made them eat ______.


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What was missing from cars that Boomers would remember?


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You weren’t in fashion without a ____ on your bike.

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What came on after your daily shows ended on television?

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Which one of these was the most popular 50s character?

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Where did Boomers get their milk from?

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It’s time to watch a movie. Where did Boomers head to?

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It was forbidden to _______ on television


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Boomer's remember the talking doll  ____.

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You'd find women in the 1950s leaving the house to shop ______.

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By Jenà Lowe
Jenà Lowe is a contributor at SBLY Media.